Mother: Florida man in crocodile pit could lose foot, blames drugs for incident

The mother of the man accused of jumping into a crocodile pit at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm defended the 23-year-old on Monday.

St. Johns County Sheriff's deputies say Brandon Hatfield was bitten by a crocodile after breaking into the tourist attraction and jumping into the exhibit. The incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

His mother, Corrine Hatfield, said she first learned of the incident on the news.

“Thank God for y’all covering the story," Hatfield said. "If not, we would never have found out.”

Hatfield said her son did break into the farm while high, but ending up in the crocodile pit was an accident.

“He was trying to get out," Hatfield said. "He didn't know he was on the roof and fell,” Hatfield said.

Security cameras captured a crocodile biting her son.

Hatfield said the foot will have to be amputated if doctors can’t get control of the infection. She said her son’s mistake is due to a lack of resources for those struggling with drug addiction.

When asked what she hoped the future would look like for her son, Hatfield said, “For Brandon to get help with his drug rehab.”