• Mother shot in forehead after argument in Clay County

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Children are left without a mother after police say Elliot Orsborn shot Jamie Martin the forehead.

    Neighbors like Annette Chance say when they heard what happened, it didn’t sit well with them. 

    “I’m in shock, it’s something I’m not used to hearing,” said Chance. 

    Police say earlier that night, Martin and her boyfriend invited a few friends, including Orsborn, over to their home.

    At one point later on in the night, the police report says Martin’s boyfriend says she jokingly slapped Orsborn across the face. He says that’s when he pulled out a .22 revolver and shot Martin.

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    But Action News spoke to Jamie’s roommate who says this was an accident. She says earlier, Orsborn emptied the bullets from the gun, but didn’t realize there was still one bullet left in the chamber.

    That roommate says when Orsborn pulled the trigger, he was not expecting a bullet to come out and hit Martin.

    Action News also learned Martin’s children were asleep inside the home when the shooting happened. 

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    “It concerned me that two little ones were in the vicinity at the time,” said Chance.

    Witnesses say Orsborn ran off after the shooting. Police say he was later arrested at his home.

    Neighbors say it’s a sad story they hope will not define their community. 

    Action News found out Orsborn should have never had a gun in the first place, because he’s a convicted felon. Action News also found out he was arrested a few years back for assault with a deadly weapon, and has multiple drug charges.

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