• Witnesses saw man flying in air after hit-and-run crash

    By: Amanda Warford


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The crash that occurred at Main and 27th streets Tuesday is one Sharol Haire will never forget.

    “We see a lot of wrecks here, but that one was horrific,” she told Action News.

    SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Motorcycle hit by Jeep Cherokee

    Action News obtained surveillance video of the crash taken from a nearby business.  The video shows a Jeep Cherokee approaching the intersection just before 5 PM in one direction and another camera shows a motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction.

    SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Hit & Run on Main Street

    Dawit Weldemaira was there, when the driver of the SUV failed to yield to the bike.

    “I heard some kind of sound – boom!”

    Haire’s friends were sitting in the first car at the red light, just feet away from the impact.

    “They said the man flew in air almost as high as the traffic light and then he landed face down and didn’t move.”

    The driver of the SUV is then seen pausing, before pulling into a parking lot. Haire then saw him get out of the SUV.

    “The man put his hands on his head. He knew exactly what happened.”

    Haire says chaos erupted at the scene as witnesses tried to help the victim.

    “Everybody was saying, pointing and saying this man was coming this way and this man was going that way.”

    And during that chaos the driver of the SUV sped away.

    “He saw the man lying there and just left. He needs to be held responsible,” said Haire.

    SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Jeep leaves crash scene

    The JSO released a statement via Twitter Tuesday evening that officers located the SUV, but has not yet released information about the driver.

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