• Naked swimmer arrested on Jacksonville Beach

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    A Texas man was arrested after police say he swam naked in front of families at Jacksonville Beach.

    It happened on Friday in broad daylight, according to police.

    A Jacksonville Beach police report said there were several children nearby as the nude suspect ignored lifeguards and officers.

    “My lifeguard on the tower up top actually radioed down to me saying that there was a naked bather in the ocean right out front,” lifeguard Nicki Emerson said.

    She called police.

    “What was going through my mind basically was that there was children everywhere, and the public,” Emerson said.

    The police report said Alan Bussard ignored officers’ commands to come ashore, saying he instead “held his hands out by his sides in a cross like fashion… then completed a U-turn in the water, exposing his buttocks as well.”

    The report said Bussard also “began backstroking in the water” after police tried to communicate through “a loud PA system.”

    Eventually, a lifeguard swam out and was able to talk Bussard into swimming ashore, according to the police report.

    “The guy shook his hand and came right in. So once he came in, we tried to just bring a blanket right up to him as soon as he got to waist deep water,” Emerson said.

    Emerson has a message for anyone who thinks the beach is clothing optional.

    “It’s cool to be free and stuff in life, but just fortunately not here in Jax Beach. This isn’t a nude beach,” Emerson said.

    Bussard is being held in Duval County Jail on $6,509 bond. 

    He faces charges of exposing sexual organs, resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct.

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