Nassau County man arrested for fraud, multiple victims suspected

YULEE, Fla. — The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office reported that it arrested Benjamin Lyons, Jr. Monday on defrauding a Yulee man out of over $1,000 and is suspected of committing several other separate, similar offenses.

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According to Lyon’s arrest warrant, Nassau police were contacted by a man from Yulee, who claims that he hired Lyons to fix his countertop and install some cabinets in his laundry room. Lyons provided the price of $1,085 for installing the cabinets and supposedly called his boss at Woodsman Cabinet, a Jacksonville business, to submit the order.

The victim wrote a check to Benjamin Lyons and expected the cabinets to be installed last week, but Lyons didn’t show for the appointment. The victim called the company to verify the appointment and learned Lyons no longer worked for Woodsman Cabinet due to other incidents of scamming other customers.

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Nassau police learned that Lyons was fired from Woodsman Cabinet on April 22 due to him obtaining multiple customers by promising to install furniture and then failing to return to do the job after cashing the check. Therefore, Lyons didn’t even work for the company when the Yulee man was defrauded.

According to the arrest report, the police arrested Lyons at his residence without incident, and he was charged with a scheme to defraud. His bond is set at $3,502, and he is awaiting trial.