• Nassau County patrolling waterways for the Fourth

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - Deputy Ken Clements knows what to look out for on a holiday like the Fourth of July.

    He says it's a time when the waterways are crowded.

    "The biggest offense on the Fourth is overloaded boats not having enough life jackets," said Clements.

    But he says he's also looking for those driving carelessly on the water.

    He's looking for people who could disturb or harm other boaters.

    "Other boaters, the jet skis, there's a lot of young people that haven't had the experience you have to drive defensively," said boater Dave Fosbinder

    Clements says there are people who will break the law, and drink and boat, but he says that's not an offense they see too often.

    "The majority of our vessels are not impaired. We've had low numbers of BUIs," said Clements.

    Fosbinder says it is deputies patrolling the water who help keep his family safe during the Fourth.

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