Fernandina Beach homeowner had no idea her home was listed for sale until people showed up on her doorstep

Unwanted home listing a real headache for owner


An unwanted home listing on realty websites is leaving one local woman scared in her own home.

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Prospective buyers thought they were getting a great deal on a home in Fernandina Beach, only to find out it was never for sale.

A home on Florida Avenue in Fernandina Beach is surfacing on realty websites under pre-foreclosure, not to mention at a great price.

Tony West found the listing online. He said, “We were so excited. We thought we were going to get a fantastic deal and suitable for our needs and everything.”

But if you take a closer look, you’ll see there’s no “for sale” sign in the front yard.

That’s because the owner said she’s not selling or being foreclosed on.

“I’ve owned the house for eight years — never missed a payment. My taxes have been paid,” she said.

We have kept her anonymous due to the nature of her job.

Tony West, who found the listing, immediately noticed some red flags.

West said, “We went over just to take a look. Of course, there’s a vehicle in the driveway, and it looks like it’s lived in, so we were kind of questioning that.”

The homeowner had no idea her home was even listed until people like West started contacting her.

She said she’s getting random calls. 

There are also “notes in my mailbox, and people coming by the house,” she added.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office told Action News Jax realty websites sometimes get inaccurate information.

It added, “If this happens to you, contact those responsible for the website and demand they take it down immediately.”

If the website refuses, it’s advisable to contact a lawyer. The homeowner said she just wants to feel safe again.

“It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing. It’s scary,” she said.

Action News Jax has reached out to Hudhomesusa.org to find out why the home is still listed and is waiting on a response.

Our law and safety expert Dale Carson suggests putting a “not for sale” sign in the front yard to prevent prospective buyers from stopping by.