Coronavirus: First permanent location opens for vaccinations in Nassau County

Nassau County, Fla. — Movie theaters are experiencing slow foot traffic. Some chains even closing locations for good. Now, some cinemas are lending space to other agencies.

In Nassau County, a new vaccination site is now open in the AMC parking lot off of Lofton Square Court in Yulee. Nassau leaders picked this spot because it’s centrally located, so more people will have easy access. There is also plenty of parking.

The site will distribute 200 Pfizer doses, daily. The site has the capacity to give out 1,000 shots, but leaders in Nassau said not enough people are signing up.

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“There’s just not the demand,” Nassau Director of Emergency Management, Greg Foster, said. “As we see demand increase, we will be increasing the amount of doses at this location. We anticipate increasing it to 300 a day, but we are capable of doing 500 to 1000 day, if need be.”

Foster adds that there is some vaccine hesitancy.

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“There’s some distrust in the vaccine,” Foster said. “There’s people that are saying it’s not safe. There’s obviously a lot of conspiracy theories out there, and we’re just trying to get the message out there to people that it has been cleared for emergency use by the FDA. It has been suggested by the CDC and the FDOH.”

Appointments are booked up for the week of March 29th, but there are plenty of open spots for next week.

“We do it by appointment only here,” Foster said. “Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you can show up about five minutes before your appointment time. You need to bring a picture ID, a mask because masks are required here, and print out and fill out the consent form if you’re able to do that.”

The site will be open from 1:30 to 7:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

To book an appointment and download the form, you can click HERE.

There are also additional sites that are open one day a week.

So far, 80% of the senior population has been vaccinated in Nassau County, according to Emergency Management leaders.