Health care providers write to Nassau County School Board urging stricter terms for mask mandate

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — Nassau County School District is one of many school districts experiencing a surge in student COVID-19 cases during the 2021-2022 school year.

As of Monday, Sept. 6, the school has reported 70 positive COVID-19 cases in students and 384 new quarantined students. This is all according to the Nassau County School District COVID-19 Dashboard.

STORY: DCPS mask mandate goes into effect Tuesday

On Friday, Nassau County School Board members received a letter from local health care providers that urged the district to implement stricter terms to the mask mandate.

“Our local healthcare systems are under a TREMENDOUS amount of stress. We, as a community, should be doing our part in mitigating the influx of patients. Allowing droves of unmasked children who are together and indoors all day is exacerbating the issue,” the letter stated.

The letter also highlighted the importance of transparency.

It went on to say, “Transparency is another issue. If a student or teacher has tested positive, the ENTIRE class should be notified immediately. Parents should have the right to keep their children home if a classmate has Covid. Keeping parents in the dark is perpetuating the spread and is completely unnecessary. We are in this together and need to work together to get this virus under control.”

Health care providers offered to help the school district and are awaiting a response from board members.

Read the full letter below: