Nassau County man arrested after apparently telling dispatchers he was going to shoot up a house party

Nassau County man arrested after apparently telling dispatchers he was going to shoot up a house party

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — Deputies arrested Anthony Schuler, 57, for telling dispatchers that he wanted to kill multiple people, according to Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say Schuler called Nassau County Sheriff’s Office 911 center saying that he was going to shoot up a house party. He told the dispatcher that there was about 20 people at the party and he was going to kill them.

Some of the things Schuler apparently told dispatchers include: “I have a bunch of college kids, I don’t know who they are.” “I’m going to waste about 20 of them right now, I’m fixing to kill a bunch of children I don’t give a f***.” “You got three minutes to do this.” “I got so many guns right now, I’m about to blow the whole house up.” “You send someone here or I’m going to kill all these f****** (racial slur).”

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When deputies arrived to the residence in question, they knocked on the door and it was open. There was a large gathering which included several children and numerous adults who appeared to be intoxicated, according to deputies.

Deputies made contact with a woman who told officers there were no issues and no one by the name of Anthony there. According to the police report, deputies asked the woman if there was someone they possibly had an argument with, she pointed to the house across the pond.

Deputies went to that location and was unable to get anyone to answer the door. According to NCSO, some of the deputies went back to the house with the gathering to speak to the woman again. When they gave her the phone number that was used to make the 911 call, she told to deputies that it was her dad’s number and the woman actually lives at the home across the pond. She explained to deputies that he goes by Tony and didn’t put it together.

According to the report, deputies back at the house across the pond, Schuler’s home, asked him to come out. Deputies say Schuler was reportedly upstairs in a bedroom after falling over drunk during the party.

When Schuler exited the home deputies day it was clear that he was intoxicated. Schuler was placed under arrest for misuse of 911 and making threats to kill/commit a mass shooting.

Due to the specific threats to kill multiple people, 6 units responded to this location to investigate the threat. Deputies say the response and the deception from the family in locating Schuler disturbed nearly everyone in the neighborhood while they investigated and attempted to find a potentially armed person who was going to shoot up a house party.