Nassau woman warning parents of insurance loophole

Insurance loophole effecting expecting mothers

CALLAHAN, Fla. — Local Nassau County woman is warning parents about an insurance loophole that could leave young moms with a hefty bill.

  • Tammy Herlong says her daughter is still on her insurance plan. She’s under 26, so she is legally allowed to be insured under her parents.
  • Herlong’s daughter just got pregnant and found out that she’ll be paying out of pocket for almost everything related to her child’s birth.
  • According to a local insurance agent, most insurance plans will allow you to cover your child or dependent, but that does not apply to your dependent’s childbirth or maternity services.
  • Herlong’s daughter cannot get insurance elsewhere either. The only way to add or remove a dependent child is during open enrollment periods. Outside of open enrollment periods there are some exceptions. Those are: if the dependent’s child has been born within the last 30 days, death of a dependent, dependent became married within the last 30 days or employee termination of benefits

For more information on how to tell what is in your policy, visit this link

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