• Nassau County man says tenant ran animal rescue at home, caused $10,000 damage

    By: Katie McKee


    NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - A Nassau County homeowner says he is facing thousands of dollars in damage to his rental property.

    Glen Fontan says his tenants were running an animal rescue from the home without him knowing.

    Fontan says his previous tenants ripped up nearly all the carpet in his home, and painted the floors black.

    “They said the mold from the animal urine was so bad between the carpet, and they had to paint over it to try to hold the smell down,” Fontan said.

    Fontan said the baseboards in the home have teeth marks from dogs that chewed on them. He said the doors have been scratched from animals trying to get out. 

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    Fontan said he was upset when he learned his tenants were running a pet rescue from the home.

    At one point, he said there were animals in every room.

    “I saw the name of the animal rescue and my home address, so I was really shocked -- like how could this happen to me,” Fontan said.

    Records from Nassau County animal services shows more than 20 puppies, dogs and cats were eventually handed over from Ashley Stoudenmaier who ran the animal rescue.

    Animal services also asked for vet records for the animals which were never provided.

    Their paperwork shows the rescue didn’t have a 501c3 non-profit certification or a license to breed.

    When Action News Jax attempted to reach Stoudenmaier, we were instructed to contact her lawyer, Jennifer L. Michigan.

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    “She’s young with a family trying to do right by these animals that were dropped off on her doorstep while not knowing the requirements of the law,” Michigan said. “As far as the Fontan’s rental, we all [know] moving is not a clean process. The conditions in the home wouldn’t have been nearly as bad as portrayed in the pictures if the homeowners had not turned the water off on the tenants, days before moving out.”

    Fontan pointed out that Stoudenmaier was advertising his address as a pet rescue.

    “If you attach my address, my personal home address to your business, then people weren’t randomly dropping animals off. You made it public that you were accepting animals,” Fontan said.

    After receiving multiple estimates, Fontan said repair costs will be no less than $10,000. He said it’s an expensive lesson learned, and next time around he will be stricter with his tenants.

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