National Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Jacksonville victim shares story and hopes for justice

Alyssa Beck 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville sexual assault survivor is sharing her story to help inspire other victims to get justice.

Trafficking victim Alyssa Beck joined local sexual assault victim advocates groups for a National Sexual Assault Awareness Month event at Jacksonville City Hall. The month of April recognizes the cause.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, State Attorney Melissa Nelson and local law enforcement agencies were all there as well.

Curry read an official proclamation, and officials with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office say more than 4,100 sexual assault cases were reported in 2017.

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Officials at the Women’s Center Of Jacksonville said they’ve helped 700 local survivors directly.

Survivor Alyssa Beck shared her story, too.

“I think it was a terrible experience being a victim is one thing. Being out is a whole different thing,” Beck said. “I hope it's impacting people. The people I want to impact are survivors.”

If you’re a sexual assault victim, you can reach the Women’s Center of Jacksonville’s 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline at (904)-721-7273.