• Navy training personnel to inspect privatized housing in Jacksonville

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Navy has launched a new training course aimed at training personnel in conducting privatized housing inspections. 

    Specialized Navy inspectors are being trained as a result of nationwide military housing concerns arising from privatized housing agreements.

    The Navy's objective is providing an additional level of oversight for private housing by deploying its own inspectors. 

    The course was titled ‘Conducting Navy Housing Inspections,' and was given in late September at NAS Jax. About 24 NAS Jax personnel presently serving in the Navy were in attendance. 

    Those receiving training will learn how to conduct inspections, understand housing policies, spot potential health hazards, and learn how unaddressed maintenance concerns can become larger issues. 


    Action News Jax Reporter Ryan Nelson got an exclusive look at what the inspections may look like at NAS Jax. 

    "Things like this that we see, that has water intrusion, obviously, there's duct work right there, there's some problem there," said Richard Dye, Navy Southeast Regional Housing Director, while leading Nelson on a tour through a base cottage. 

    Dye said their goal is delivering quality housing services for sailors and their families.

    "We can assist with the landlord, walk through the house, try and identify any deficiencies,'' said Dye. 

    National Whistleblower Lives Locally 
    Shelley Federico tells Action News Jax Ryan Nelson she was an original whistleblower in the national military housing crisis in 2011. She tells Nelson her former husband, a Marine, was stationed in Virginia at the time, and says their home fell into disrepair. 

    She tells us they suffered brain injuries as a result of mold exposure in their home provided by a private company working with the military. She now lives in Jacksonville.

    "I like to hear that we are starting to get back some handle, and some stronghold on our houses," she said in reaction to hearing about the Navy's efforts. 

    She tells us there's still a lot of work to do. 

    "I'd like to see more improvement along the way," she said. "It's gonna' take many years to undo what has happened."

    Federico tells us she's launched her own nonprofit, titled ‘Operation Mission Ready,' aimed at assisting military families who find themselves in need due to privatized housing concerns. 

    Training Certifications and what they mean 
    Those in attendance at the September course earned their Level 1 certifications. The Navy provided the following information on what certifications entail. 

    "To earn Level 1 certification, candidates must successfully complete the four-day instructor led training course and pass the CNHI Level 1 credential exam.

    Level two is the full CNHI credential and must be earned within two calendar years of Level 1 certification by completing five prerequisite courses and scoring 80 percent or higher on the CNHI Level 2 qualification exam. Prerequisite courses to earn a CNHI Level 2 are:

    • Issue Resolution and Documentation Process
    • Occupational Safety and Health for Housing
    • Crisis Communication in Navy Housing
    • Housing Referral Services, Unaccompanied Housing Building Management, Navy Privatized Housing or OCONUS Family Housing Management
    • Conducting Navy Housing Inspections

    CNHI Level 3 will be an advanced credential that will open for candidates later in fiscal year 2020. In addition to the prerequisite classes for the CNHI certification program, Navy Housing also offers a variety of online and classroom based courses for housing professionals including:

    • Navy Privatized Housing
    • Introduction to Housing
    • Expanding Housing Customer Service
    • Navy Housing Customer Service
    • Resident Satisfaction Survey Overview
    • Unaccompanied Housing Front Desk Operations
    • Furnishings Management
    • Conducting Effective Housing Meetings and Briefs
    • General and Flag Officer Quarters
    • Housing Requirements Determination
    • Family Housing Financial Management
    • Unaccompanied Housing Financial Management

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