Nearly 200 surfers take part in Pro/Am Surf Contest at Jax Beach

Surf's up for Void Pro/Am surf contest

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — Nearly 200 surfers competed at Jax Beach this weekend for the 7th Pro/Am Surf Contest, some for cash and some just to show off their skills.

The competition heated up Sunday during the finals as competitors grabbed their surfboards and hit the water while hundreds of spectators cheered.

Eight-year-old Coral Sasser has been riding waves since she was a toddler.

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"My whole family surfs. My brother does. My dad and my mom do," Coral said. 
She said it was her dad who first put a surfboard in her hands and ever since then she's loved it.

This weekend Coral is competing in the Void Pro/Am Surf contest for the second time.



Matt Shaw said the competition features pro surfers, armatures and Void’s twin fin division.

“That’s just kind of a novelty thing where people all ride the same two fin surfboard,” Shaw said.

Shaw said this event has become a tradition for a lot of local surfers in our area.

“If you look around here and the community here, surfing if is more about your time in the water,” he said.

It’s something Coral can agree on.

“It’s just fun to be outside and fun to play with my friends in the water and sometimes we even swap boards and try different boards with each other” Coral said.

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