• Neighbor spots potential burglar parked outside Orange Park home

    By: Erica Bennett


    ORANGE PARK, Fla. - ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- July 3 was a regular day for Ramona Corrigan -- until she got a call from a neighbor saying a thief was breaking into her home.

    “I didn't even cry about anything until I saw he had taken my daddy's military medals and his Shriners hat,” she said with tears in her eyes.

    Jewelry, cash and a revolver were also stolen, but neighbors said they managed to snap a picture of the truck driven by the burglar. When they saw it parked in Corrigan's driveway, Chazvon Schweikert says she knew something was wrong and called 911.

    “I let them know, ‘Somebody's car is in my neighbor’s yard and they're inside the house,’” she explained.

    The photo was given to the Clay County Sheriff's Office and shared online. Deputy Dean Jones says it just might be the clue they need to catch their man.

    “You post it on Facebook nowadays, it can go viral and everyone gets a look at it,” he explained.

    Corrigan says at this point, all she can do is pray for an arrest.

    “The karma bus is gassed up and ready for its route. It doesn't miss a stop. He will get his. He will get his," she said.

    Neighbors didn't stop at pictures. Some of them printed up flyers to bring awareness, pass around the neighborhood and hopefully catch the perpetrator.

    The vehicle spotted is an older Ford F-150 with a brown and black paint job. The man is described as a 6 feet tall with a light complexion, wearing a sleeveless shirt and ball cap at the time of the crime. If you have any information, call the Clay County Sheriff’s Office at 904-284-7575.

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