• Neighbors in St.Johns County want animal abuser registry to cut down on abuse

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    Residents of St. Johns County want new protection for pets.

    A proposed plan would require people convicted of crimes against animals to register in a public database.

    Fikret Musanovic told Action News Jax he can’t imagine hurting his dogs but knows people abuse animals all the time.


    He said: “It’s really upsetting, you know. Treating a dog that way is not appropriate.”

    In March, dozens of dogs were rescued from a breeder and brought to the Nassau Humane Society.

    A group is calling St. Johns County lawmakers to create an animal abuse registry.

    The man heading up the effort, attorney David Naples, said it would require those convicted of animal cruelty to let law enforcement know they’re living in the county.

    Naples explained the public database would allow pet rescues and private citizens to screen who is adopting animals.

    Dog owner Demir Tahirovic said: “Some people like to have their dog chained up at home as their guard dog, and some people want their dogs to be free roaming around their house. Every dog has its own specific needs.”

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    According to Naples, he has talked with the Sheriff’s Office, Humane Society and all five county commissioners.

    He said he’s confident it will be on an agenda meeting within the next couple months.

    “If someone has been convicted of dog abuse, I think they should really consider that carefully whether or not they should put a dog in his hands again,” explained Musanovic.

    Naples said similar laws have been passed in other Florida counties, most recently Volusia.

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