• New bike share program could help residents, visitors ditch cars in St. Augustine

    By: Lorena Inclan , Action News Jax


    The wheels are turning on a new program that could help Ancient City dwellers and visitors get a new ride.

    “I love to bike and doing bike trails,” said Andres Cuadrado.

    It’s a bike-share program similar to the one already underway in Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach.

    “They have it in Ft. Lauderdale Beach and everybody enjoys them,” said Concetta Russo.

    A city spokesperson said it’s something the city has been working on for a long time, he called it “a real asset when rolled out.”

    With more options to hop on a bike to get around town. The hope is it’ll translate to fewer cars on the road.

    “Actually, that’s a very good idea,” said Cuadrado.

    It’s no secret St. Augustine has long struggled with traffic congestion and parking issues; a bike-share program appears to be a welcome addition.

    It’s still in the preliminary stages right now. The city first needs a sponsor for the program and then figure out where to put the locations for the bikes.

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