New photos of JSO officer-involved crash caused by distracted driving

Police warning about danger following crash on Dames Point Bridge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two Jacksonville sheriff's officers are OK, despite having their cruisers totaled by a distracted driver.

"Driver of white van looked down at the GPS on his phone for just a brief second and plowed into the back of the first officer, which pushed him into the second officer," Gordon Snow said. He works with a towing company and got to the Dames Point Bridge seconds after the crash happened.

He said it all started because of a mattress that flew off of a car.

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"A green 97-ish Mustang had ran over a queen size mattress. It got tangled up underneath this car." Snow said. "FHP was sitting behind him, and they were trying to figure out how to get it out from under there. JSO was sitting behind the FHP officer, protecting her."

There is not a lot of room to move aside on this bridge, so JSO had its lights flashing to warn drivers.

"If the van driver had not look down for a millisecond to find out where he was going, he would've seen all the flashing lights." Snow said. He said he believes the driver was looking at his GPS.

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The CDC says every day nine people are killed from distracted driving and more than 1,000 are injured.

In Florida, holding your phone while driving is only illegal in a school or work zone, and cellphones, in general, are not banned while driving.

There is a law against texting and driving.

Snow said we all need to be more aware when we're driving.

"Anytime you see any flashing lights on the side of the road whether it be hazard lights from a vehicle, move over." Snow said.

We reached out to JSO and FHP—who responded to the incident. We're waiting to get the full crash report.