• Numerous mailboxes destroyed in Jacksonville neighborhood

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    Neighbors are upset after they say someone ran over their mailboxes in Jacksonville's Callahan neighborhood.

    “When we got back from church, my sister saw (the mailboxes) up and down the road there and there were parts of (a) truck that apparently hit the mailbox posts,” said Tommy Scarbrough.

    Scarbrough has put up two new mailboxes, one for his home, and one for his sisters.

    But he said the old post the mailboxes sat on were important to him.

    “My daddy had made the posts that they were on 20-something years ago,” he said.

    This morning, Scarbrough says a younger man admitted to accidentally running them over.

    A few minutes away, Scarbrough said, someone also hit mailboxes near his daughter’s house.

    “All them mailboxes are brick and they run over the brick," Scarbroughsaid.

    But Scarbrough said the young man who admitted to hitting the mailboxes near his house said he didn’t cause the other damage.

    The Nassau County Sheriff’s office says they don’t know if the two cases are related.

    The sheriff says if someone is caught destroying the mailboxes with a vehicle, they can be charged with criminal mischief and hit-and-run involving property damage

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