Officer who fatally shot man on Saturday has been investigated 18 times in 23 years

The JSO officer who shot and killed a Jacksonville man on Saturday has a history of internal affairs investigations.

JSO said Officer Richard Futch shot 52-year-old Harold Kraii after he walked toward Futch with a 12-inch knife.

It was the first JSO officer-involved shooting this year.

After the shooting, Action News Jax requested a list of administrative investigations into Futch.

That document showed Futch has been the subject of 18 JSO internal affairs investigations in 23 years.

Internal affairs found he violated agency rules in 14 of those investigations.

“It’s not necessarily normal to have that many complaints filed against you in a 23-year period,” said Action News Jax Crime & Safety Expert Ken Jefferson.

Days before that shooting, JSO internal affairs found Futch misused computer software, after a citizen complained about it.

The first investigation into Futch was in 1998, when internal affairs investigated a citizen complaint that Futch used unnecessary force and exhibited unbecoming conduct.

Investigators found those allegations were “sustained” and Futch received formal counseling.

JSO does not consider formal counseling to be discipline.

Jefferson said that investigation from 20 years ago could come into play during any potential legal issues related to Saturday’s shooting.

“They’re going to look at the entire disciplinary record and judge it and critique it,” said Jefferson.

Action News Jax reached out to Futch through the Fraternal Order of Police, offering the chance to share his side of the story. We have not heard back.