Officials arrest third person in Florida viral gator beer run video

FWC working to identify other men in gator video

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has arrested the man who is seen shouting 'Florida State baby!' after stepping on an alligator in a video that went viral.

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Octavious T. Moore, 42, was arrested Tuesday for illegal possession of an American alligator and animal cruelty, according to FWC.

Two other men from the viral videos were arrested last week.

Robert Timothy Barr, or "Robby Stratton,'' and Kevin Scott Keene are behind bars after they were accused of handling the alligator in one of the videos.

One of the videos showed a man running through a store to get beer while holding the alligator.

The Facebook Live video uncovered by Action News Jax appeared to show Stratton and Keene discussing the animal's capture.

"This (expletive) had a WeedEater in his hand, looked over and found him," said Stratton in the video.

"I was working and he came up to me and I dove on his (expletive)," said Keene.

They are charged with illegal possession of an American alligator, illegal exhibition of dangerous wildlife and cruelty to animals. The charges are first-degree misdemeanors.

One woman had choice words for Stratton in our exclusive interview Saturday. She warned of the FWC’s looming investigation.

"You should regret it,” she yelled in our interview with Stratton. "FWC is coming after you!"

"They already talked to me!" Stratton said.

Today, customers at the convenience store reacted to the incident. Some say the men charged shouldn't be in jail.

“He didn’t do anything to harm anybody,” said Johnson.

Other people are still on the fence.

“Like I said, I don’t like to see nobody in jail," said Atkins. "Not even my worst enemy. But, hey, you do certain things, it comes with consequences.”