• Officials release 911 call made before deadly Jacksonville officer-involved shooting

    By: Action News Jax


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    Police said the man who was shot and killed by a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office officer called 911 saying he no longer had the desire to live. 

    Action News Jax obtained a 911 call made before the shooting death of 52-year-old Harold Kraai.

    According to JSO, Kraai had a history of disorderly intoxication, battery and domestic violence. 

    The officer who discharged his weapon and shot Kraai was identified as Officer R.W. Futch, a 23 year veteran with JSO.  JSO says this is Officer Futch's first officer involved shooting and the first JSO officer involved shooting for 2018. 

    The 911 call is transcribed below.


    Dispatcher: Jacksonville 911, what is the location of your emergency?

    911 caller: I just bust my mom's back windshield out because she won't feed me. She's being mean to me. My stepfather tried to jump on me and I want the law out here cause -- I wanna kill myself. I don't wanna live no more. I'm tired of bulls**t and I'm taking every f***ing body down with me that comes through this f***ing  door.

    Dispatcher: What's your last name?

    911 caller: My last name is redacted*

    Dispatcher: OK, do you have any weapons there with you?

    911 caller: Yes, I do! I got plenty around here. 

    Dispatcher: Have you done anything to hurt yourself, sir?

    911 caller: I bust my head while I busted the window up.

    Dispatcher: Do you need rescue?

    911 caller: No, I don't need no rescue!

    Dispatcher: Is your mother there?

    911 caller: No, she took off.

    Dispatcher: All right we're sending someone over there, OK? Do you, have you taken any meds today? Are you on any meds?

    911 caller: redacted*

    Dispatcher: Is that what's prescribed to you? What are you diagnosed with?

    911 caller: redacted*

    Dispatcher: OK, what's your name?

    911 caller: My first name is redacted*

    Dispatcher: And have you taken redacted*

    911 caller: redacted*

    Dispatcher: You don't, why? Why did you stop taking it?

    911 caller: They took me off of it.

    Dispatcher: Oh they did, so you're not taking anything right now?

    911 caller: No I'm not, so bring them on. I'm ready for 'em.

    Dispatcher: What do you mean you're ready for 'em? Are you gonna

     *911 caller interrupts*

    911 caller: I'm ready for anybody that walks through this f***ing door!

    Dispatcher: What are you gonna do if they walk in the door?

    911 caller: I'm gonna, I'm gonna have to kill them!

    Dispatcher: What are you gonna kill them with?

    911 caller: My bare hands! Whatever I can find.

    Dispatcher: OK, can you stay on the phone with me till we get officers out there?

    *911 caller hangs up*

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