ONLY ON: Nassau Dispatcher, friend of Dep. Moyers talks about 911 call made the night of his murder

NASSAU COUNTY — The mood outside the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office can be described as somber.

There’s currently a growing memorial sitting out front. Underneath the beautiful array of decorations, flowers and heartfelt cards is Deputy Joshua Moyers’s patrol car.

”It’s hard knowing that’s his car, and he’s not going to be here anymore,” said Cara Anderson, who works as a Dispatcher for the 911 Center in Nassau County.

“I was working a different radio, but my trainer was working his radio and she received that frantic ‘officer down.’”

Anderson was working the night of Deputy Moyers was shot during a routine traffic stop.

”When he said ‘officer down’ we already knew that something had happened,” Anderson said. “He [Moyers] was on that traffic stop, and he asked for back up. So, the officer that came to the scene when he said ‘officer down’ we already knew. It didn’t feel real. It was just tough for everyone-- not just for me--but for the whole team”

The two were also incredibly close.

”He was like a brother,” Anderson said. “You work with these people, sometimes you see them more than your own family when you work so many hours. So, he was truly family…truly.”

Deputy Moyers impacted so many people in his department and in neighboring agencies. Before the crack of dawn, Betty Marshall came to the memorial to pay her respects. She works in booking at the Nassau County jail. Marshall said she saw Moyers in the halls regularly.

”He just had that smile that the whole world couldn’t help but smile with him,” Marshall said. “Just a wonderful person taken way too soon.”

For now, his patrol car will sit outside the Sheriff’s office for people to visit. In the future, his name will be added to the Nassau County Law Enforcement Memorial.

Funeral services for Moyers will be held Saturday at Callahan First Baptist Church. The service is not open to the public per the family’s request.