Operation Green Light: Florida counties allowing drivers to pay overdue fines without surcharges

60 Florida counties are participating

Nassau County: "Operation Green Light"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In a statewide initiative, 60 Florida counties are participating in Operation Green Light to get drivers safely and legally back on the road. For one day this year, state clerks will waive the collection fee surcharges when drivers are paying their overdue tickets to get their licenses reinstated.

Nassau County Clerk of Court and Comptroller, John Crawford told Action News Jax this could be up to 35%, depending on each citation.

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"The legislature passed a new law addressing the issue of folks driving without a license and this is an effort to get them legal again, get them back in the system, get them back to work and to take some financial burden off of them," said John Crawford, Nassau County Clerk of Court and Comptroller.

In the latest legislative session, lawmakers passed statute 322.75 Driver License Reinstatement Days. It states, "Each clerk of courts shall establish a Drivers License Reinstatement Days program for reinstating suspended driver licenses."

Crawford told Action News Jax that the number of Jax drivers behind the wheel with a suspended license has become an epidemic.


"Fines are large sometimes; sometimes they catch you when you're least able to pay. So this will benefit the citizens and get them back to work."

In an effort to get drivers back on the road, Nassau County is hosting Operation Green Light Friday, Oct. 18 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In the statute, a person is eligible for reinstatement under the program if his or her license was suspended for

  • Driving without a valid driver license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failing to make a payment on penalties in collection
  • Failing to appear in court for a traffic violation; or
  • Failing to comply with any provision of chapter 318

Crawford recommended calling the clerk's office before this date to find what documents are required for a quicker payment.

"Not the fines and fees; those still have to be paid. But they can be taken out of collections, these folks who have been sent out to a collection agency, they can be set up on a new payment plan, to stretch that payment out to make it a little easier to follow," Crawford said.

Seven local counties are also participating in this event on different days in October. Find the full list here.

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