Orange Park 63-year-old out of hospital after fight over Trump sign

Thursday night, Norb Logsdon and a friend were holding campaign signs in Orange Park. Later Thursday, Logsdon was in the hospital for injuries to his wrist.

An Orange Park man injured in a fight over his pro-trump campaign sign is out of the hospital.

Norbert Logsdon, 63, got out of the hospital on Saturday after surgery on his wrist, family said.

He told police he was shoved to the ground during a fight at an early voting site in Clay County on Thursday.

A 23-year-old man was questioned after the fight but was not arrested.

According to a police report, Logsdon was holding a homemade sign on the sidewalk when someone took it.

We tracked down the man who pushed Logsdon.

He said he told his friend not to take the sign, and that Logsdon punched him first.