Original Restaurant Report: Million dollar challenge to find a roach

Live roaches, dead roaches and rodent droppings.

In our Original Restaurant Report, Action News Jax Ben Becker paid a visit to Pasta Market Italian Restaurant on Kingsley Avenue near Fox Valley Drive in Orange Park and spoke to the owner.

“It was a set up,” said the man. “A set up?” responded Becker. “Oh yes,” shot back the man. “The restaurant was set up by ex-employee.”

State inspectors found four live roaches, eight dead roaches and 30 rodent droppings. It was temporarily closed.

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“I can give you million dollars if you find a roach,” the owner challenged Becker.

“A million dollars?,” said Becker, who took him up on the offer.

“I’m looking, keep looking back here?” asked Becker. “Look anywhere you want,” said the man. “I have to say I don’t see any roaches, that means I don’t get the million dollars?” asked Becker. “That’s correct, you get nothing,” said the owner.

Elsewhere, Sake House on Riverplace Boulevard near Flagler Avenue was cited for seven live roaches, five dead roaches and an employee touching food with their bare hands. It was temporarily closed.

State inspectors say Black Sheep on Oak Street near Margaret Street had an objectionable odor in a bath room, time/temperature safety violations and raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food.

Becker’s final stop was Royal Buffet on Normandy Boulevard near Truman Avenue, which was cited for raw animal foods not being properly separated, a time/temperature safety violation and a mold-like substance in soda dispensing nozzles.

All the restaurants passed follow-up inspections.