• Outcries after Camden County school takes down student memorial

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


    Camden County High School is under fire for how it handled a memorial dedicated to a student who recently died.

    Parents and students are upset because the school abruptly removed items dedicated to that student.

    “The school did not handle this the right way,” parent Amy Murray said.  “(The students) were grieving in a positive manner.”

    Parent Wendy Leggans agreed. “I think it’s actually a good way to show love and care for others,” Leggans said.

    The Camden County School District declined Action News Jax’s request for an interview, but sent a statement saying the community has dealt with two recent tragedies.

    The district wrote, in part, “Before the first school day this week counselors and administrators agreed that mementos for the students would be preserved and presented to families at an appropriate time. This decision, and every other decision was made to foster the healing of our students and community, respect the privacy of the families and the dignity of those we have lost.”

    Action News Jax’s follow-up questions-- Was any of the memorial thrown away? Were students told items would be taken down?-- have gone unanswered.

    “These are impressionable teenagers, and they’re doing what made them feel better to help them through this, and the school just ruined it for them,” Murray said.

    On Thursday, in place of the memorial, the school put up a notice stating "All items left in Memoriam for (the student) have been packaged up and will be given to her family. We will continue to do this throughout this week."

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