• Parents concerned by kids' 'itching, burning' after swim in Jacksonville city pool

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    Some Moncrief parents are asking the city of Jacksonville to fix the chlorine levels in the pool in Carvill park.

    Kimberly Green told Action News Jax her children were injured during a swim on Tuesday.

    "They were itching and burning in their private areas. I have a 13-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter," she said.

    Green said other parents in the area had similar complaints.

    She said the pool was opened the next day.

    The pool appeared to be closed on Thursday, but children appeared on the pool deck during Green's interview with Action News Jax.

    “I guess they’re opening back up right now,” said Green.

    Green said an on-site manager confirmed the city was looking into elevated chlorine levels.

    She said she's taking this concern to city leaders.

    "And I also filed a complaint with the city," said Green.

    Action News Jax scoured through hundreds of emails to the mayor and found other complaints about city pools. Some were related to chlorine.

    This email to Mayor Curry from late June says Lake Short Lee pools were closed “due to a chlorine issue.”

    The sender questioned if there was “too much chemical or not enough.”

    The person who sent the email got a same-day response from Daryl Joseph, the director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services.

    Joseph wrote, in part the “the chlorine levels were off balance” due to recent rains.

    He said the pools were closed as a precaution "to ensure the pools are safe for our users.”

    Green fears her concerns are being ignored.

    "We deserve the same type of treatment. It’s not fair for our children," said Green.

    Action News Jax received the following statement from the city of Jacksonville:

    "The 630-CITY customer service center received one call yesterday expressing concern about Carvill pool conditions, based on a skin irritation of a child who had been in the Carvill pool. 

    Upon receiving the call, the park’s staff conducted an additional test on the Carvill pool water and determined that chlorine and all levels were in balance. Each day, several tests are administered to monitor and evaluate pool water levels and conditions. 

    Multiple checks are administered throughout the day to ensure quality and safe conditions of pool water levels. If and when pool water levels are not in alignment with specified guidelines and requirements, access to that pool is restricted while remedies are performed. The pools are checked multiple times each day."

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