• Parents say their daughter was suspended for watching fight at a Jacksonville high school

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Parents of a Jacksonville high school student say they're upset their daughter was tackled and suspended for watching a fight she wasn't a part of.

    Mother Tyeashia Neeley showed us video of the fight that happened at Robert E. Lee High School Wednesday.

    She said her daughter Miyeashia was watching the fight, but not a part of it.

    In another video, an officer can be seen grabbing her daughter and pulling her away by the arm.

    “I was going around the fight trying to walk to my bus and then I felt him pull me and I was against the wall and my head hit the wall and then my shoulder,” student Miyeashia Neeley said.

    When Miyeashia’s parents saw the video, they were furious.

    “You a grown man. Don’t put your hands on my daughter I don’t care who you are,” said Miyeashia's father Jarvis Neeley.

    “I was angry. My flesh side of me wanted to take matters into my own hands,” said mother Tyeashia Neeley.

    Her parents went to the school to get answers, and then the school board, but they say they still don’t know why their daughter was suspended.

    “He said they’re still watching the videos,” Tyeashia Neeley said.

    We reached out to the school board to try and get answers for them.

    The school board said:

    “The 10-second video clip and 29-second video clip shared with the media provide an incomplete snapshot of the incident that occurred on Wednesday. While we are prohibited by state and federal student confidentiality laws from discussing the specifics of this incident, our review does not substantiate the claims being made to the media. Physical altercations on our campuses are simply unacceptable, and students who violate the Code of Conduct will be disciplined accordingly. Both students and parents play a vital role in contributing to the safety of school campuses, and we encourage parents to talk with their students about these incidents and the importance of positive conflict resolution strategies.”

    We asked If they have the full video they can share with us, they said, “We are unable to provide any surveillance video as this information is confidential per Florida Statute (119.071).”

    These parents say they’re not backing down.

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