Parents upset about nasty conditions of a downtown St. Augustine park

Human feces, underwear found at local park

Local parents said they’re worried about bringing their kids to a park in the heart of downtown St. Augustine. One mom said it appears the park is being used as a toilet.

The mayor of St. Augustine Nancy Shaver said she was unaware of the concerns parents had about Swing Park.

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But people like Joy Scott said she’s witnessed some of the trashy mess, and she’s worried about it being a safety hazard for her daughter.

“We’ve lived here for like 10 years so every chance we get we come to this park. I’ve noticed that there is a smell sometimes of urine, sometimes a little extra,” Scott said.

Scott said although she brings her daughter to swing park to enjoy herself sometimes the experience is not that enjoyable.  And her 9-year-old Oliva has noticed it too.

“I’ve seen poop. By the big green slide where you have to climb up I’ve seen on one of the slides there’s poop,” Olivia said.

Action News Jax also located an area in the park with a pair of male underwear covered in fecal material.

“I don’t want to see that I don’t want my kids around that,” Scott said.

Other parents like Cassandra Dygert said she’s not surprised, she and a group of other moms vowed to boycott the park for that very reason.

“Another mom and our local meet up group she’s discuss that she seen human feces on one of the benches at Swing Park where you would sit and watch your children. There were open beer bottles, things that children wouldn’t have. So again another environmental health hazard and obviously health hazard for children,” Dygert said.

Which is why she too is telling other parents to be aware if they decide to go there. Scott said although there are germs everywhere, she’s warning parents to beware of the extra germs that are visible at Swing Park.

“Kids get sick on a daily basis. We don’t need to add to that,” Scott said.

Action News Jax reached out to the city to see if they wanted to comment on the concerns parents had. St. Augustine city officials have not responded back, however, we will continue to update people online and on the Action News Jax app when they respond.

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