• Passengers on diverted Delta flight speak about unruly woman on board

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Passengers on their way from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to West Palm Beach had an unexpected change of course Monday night.
    A passenger on that flight tells Action News a woman was in the seat next to him, knitting, when she started to recline her chair.
    “She reclined her chair a little bit and I guess the woman behind her was sleeping on her tray table,” said passenger Aaron Klipin.
    He says the woman sleeping on the tray table, who’s been identified by police as Amy Fine, started cursing and causing a distraction, and then demanded the plane land.

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    Action News reached out to Delta Airlines. The company tells us, "Out of an abundance of caution, the Captain elected to divert to the closest airport."
    Klipin also tells us the incident wasn’t the first time during the flight that Fine acted strangely.
    He noticed Fine even before the flight took off, and took a snap chat of her weird behavior.
    “She was sitting in front of an industrial fan and it was pretty bizarre how she was standing there for a half an hour in front of the fan,” said Klipin.

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    Fine wasn’t arrested.
    The FBI says she didn’t threaten any flight crew members and did not commit a felony.
    Kilpin tells Action News the flight finally made it to West Palm around 11 Monday night.
    The police report doesn’t say Fine was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but it does say she had just lost her two dogs and was emotional.
    Action News did reach out to Amy Fine to get her side of the story, we are waiting on a call back. We also reached out to Delta to see how much money was spent to land the plane, and then take back off.
    We are waiting on their return call as well.

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