Pastor admits to making up endorsement for Glynn County candidate

A local pastor admits he made up a phony endorsement from a Georgia State Representative to help a Glynn County commission candidate.

Ken Adkins is a Brunswick pastor but he also runs a public relations firm.

The Florida Times-Union reports Adkins admitted to creating the phony endorsement for Peter Murphy to help his campaign.

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But on Thursday, State Rep. Jeff Jones denied ever making the endorsement. Adkins sent us a statement saying:

“When a Client retains my firm, I am not retained to preach or pray; I am retained to win. For years I have garnered the reputation of developing winning strategies as a lead political consultant or as a subcontractor; either way, as in this case, we produce positive results, our Client, Dr. Peter Murphy defeated incumbent Dale Provanzano 17 points to win the Glynn County Commission seat, District two, St. Simons Island.

“State Representative Jeff Jones should have followed suit with the rest of the Glynn County State Elected officials and stayed out of the local race. As I beat up on U. S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown about her "quick picks" by producing my own quick picks with her picture on them, I did the same to State Representative Jeff Jones for the same reason: "Let the People Decide".

“Representative Jones should return to Carwash and oil changing company and focus on his business and leave mine alone.”

This isn't Adkins' first controversy in the political arena. Back in January, we showed you tweets Adkins posted to his account attacking Jacksonville City Council member Tommy Hazouri over his stance on Jacksonville’s proposed Human Rights Ordinance.

In one tweet, Adkins went as far as calling Hazouri the anti-Christ. Adkins said he's an ordained minister under the National Baptist Association.

However, when we pushed him for answers back in January, he admitted he doesn't have a theology degree and did not attend divinity school.

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