Patient sues Jacksonville dental hygienist she claims forcibly kissed her

Lawsuit filed against hygienist at center of complaint
A woman who reported a Jacksonville dental hygienist forcibly kissed her after a cleaning has filed a lawsuit against him and his employer.
Action News Jax reported last year, when the patient filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Health, that she said her dental hygienist Alan Nazareno also told her, “Just don’t lose that booty.”
She reported that Nazareno asked for her number and attempted to use his tongue when he kissed her.
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The lawsuit contains new complaints about the dental chain where Nazareno worked, Greenberg Dental Associates, which has nearly 100 offices across Florida.

The patient reported the encounter happened inside an exam room with a closed door at the northside Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics location on Dunn Avenue.

Nazareno agreed to surrender his dental hygienist license last year after the woman filed a complaint with the health department and reported him to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The JSO report said Nazareno told an officer the kiss was consensual.

The officer suspended the case, writing that he did not have probable cause to arrest Nazareno “based on lack of witnesses, no security footage, and conflicting stories.”

The newly filed lawsuit claims Nazareno touched the patient’s “intimate body part.”

The lawsuit also takes aim at Greenberg Dental Associates, saying, “had it taken reasonable steps to investigate the background of the employee... Greenberg would have discovered... Nazareno, was not fit to work as a dental hygienist.”

The lawsuit does not elaborate on what that means.

It said, “Greenberg became aware or should have become aware of problems” and failed to supervise Nazareno.

Last year, a second woman came forward to Action News Jax after hearing the first woman's story.

"He kissed me, and it was such a shock," said the patient. "When his picture came up, it was like a slap in the face to me. And for him to say the lady lied, I knew better."

Action News Jax went to Nazareno’s home and asked for his side of the story through his glass door.

He did not answer our questions, instead waving his hand to show he did not want to reply.

The manager of the Dunn Avenue Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics said Action News Jax would have to direct any questions about the lawsuit to corporate.

The corporate office has not responded to our calls over the past two days.