Pedro Menendez High School on brief lockdown as deputies searched for wanted student

Incidents at St. Augustine High School and Pedro Menendez High School prompted a law enforcement response Friday.

Pedro Menendez High School was locked down, after a juvenile showed up on the campus and argued with someone. The St. Johns County School District says that suspect is a former student, who should not have been on the property.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office confirms they have a warrant out for that student and have been looking for him. The school was locked down to search for the student, although he was not believed to be armed or a threat to the school.

Investigators could not disclose the nature of the warrant, but we’re told it is not a serious charge. The lockdown was lifted, after SJSO conducted a full sweep and could not locate the suspect. He was reported to have left the campus on a bicycle.

Separately, there was a scare at St. Augustine High School today. The St. Johns County School District confirms a fire alarm malfunctioned, leading the school to evacuate.

As that was taking place, students reported hearing gunshots.

SJSO investigated and determined the shots came from a property where someone was legally conducting target practice.