• Pep rally at Yulee High canceled after student makes joke


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    The Friday pep rally at Yulee High School was canceled after a student made a threatening comment that turned out to be a joke, officials said. 

    The "threat" quickly spread on social media, and the pep rally was canceled to relieve anxiousness of students and parents. 

    Officials said there was never any danger or weapons on campus, and parents were notified, authorities said. An investigation is under way. The school will ultimately decide if any students will be expelled or suspended. 

    "There was so rumors going on at Yulee High School about somebody bringing a gun to the pep rally today," said Nassau County Undersheriff George Lueders. "They got to the bottom of the rumor, they segregated the kids that started the rumor, searched their lockers and stuff and they’re actually not even at the school now. 

    "They made a remark that was overheard and that started up kind of a semi-panic  situation, and so we got on top of it as quick as we could and got ahold of the two students. They admitted they were just kidding." 

    The student, who will reportedly be punished for the incident, was picked up at school by a parent. 

    The Yulee High Hornets host the Ribault Trojans on Friday night. 

    People who said they had kids at the school were quick to respond on Facebook: 

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