• Pet grooming/boarding business with pets inside destroyed by Michael, one cat dies

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    A Jacksonville woman tells Action News Jax her business is ruined after it was leveled by Hurricane Michael.

    Traci Woodstocks tells us she owns a grooming and boarding business in Panama City Beach, Florida.

    She recalled the moments she received the phone call from her family members.

    “I think I was still in shock,” Woodstocks said. “I was not expecting the whole thing to go to the ground.”

    Woodstocks says her sister, brother-in-law and an employee were inside at the time of the storm, and one cat passed away.

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    She says the storm ripped off the roof of the building, and water started flooding the boarding area.

    Woodstocks tells us the three then began relocating animals to the opposite side of the building. But an hour later, she says the building’s walls began to cave in.

    At that point, she says they took the animals to the cars for safety. 

    “Once the roof flew off in the boarding (room), the water, of course was going to go in there,” Woodstocks said.

    Woodstocks tells us the pets who were inside the building were left prior to the arrival of Hurricane Michael. She tells Action News Jax she tried to make contact with the owners of some of the pets, but says they were out of town.

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    She tells us one owner was in a hospital, and another was out of town for a funeral.

    Woodstocks says she declined requests from Panama City Beach pet owners to board their pets during the hurricane. 

    “We tried to get, you know, call everybody to get them before, but some of them were out of town, one’s in the hospital,” she said. 

    She plans on returning to Panama City Beach in the near future with a U-Haul to gather what she can salvage.

    She tells Action News Jax she had insurance for the pets, but was renting the building. 

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