• Photo: Credit card skimmer pulled from gas pump in St. Augustine


    A card skimmer found Monday at a St. Johns County Circle K has drivers worried. 

    Motorists are hoping a new Florida law will prevent the spread of skimmers. Florida numbers show that the use of skimmers is up 160 percent during the first 7 months of 2017.

    The new law would make possession of the equipment illegal.

    The credit card skimmer discovered this week in St. Augustine is the latest in a string of skimmers found at Northeast Florida gas stations this year.
    An employee of the St. Augustine gas station noticed two men moving between pumps, so when they left, he investigated and found the device.
    “For people to put so much thought process into stealing because it is stealing from people who work so hard to get money is just not right,” said Debbie Marley, a local resident.
    Experts say running transactions as credit -- and using pumps close to the store -- can help prevent skimming.

    Police are still looking for the men responsible for the St. Augustine skimmer who is described as a white male and a black male in a white Toyota Sequoia. 

    Tips to avoid gas pump skimmers:
    •    Run transaction as credit card purchase 
    •    Use pump close to the stor 
    •    Choose well-maintained stations 
    •    Examine pump before using 
    •    Pay with cash


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