Pine pollen is on the decline but its cousin, the oak tree, is just getting started

Now that pine pollen is on the decline, oak tree pollen is starting to peak.

Now is when many pollen allergy sufferers start to have a tough time. The good news is Wednesday’s rain gave some relief.

This time of year, Dr. Sunil Joshi’s office tends to be full of patients with similar symptoms.

“Sneezing, runny nose, congestion but also asthma tends to flare up,” said Dr. Joshi, who specializes in treating allergies and asthma.

Right now, millions of particles of pollen are floating in the air, wreaking havoc on your sinuses.

As if pine pollen wasn’t enough, allergy sufferers also have to deal with oak tree pollen.

“Once you get congested in here that pollen gets in there and it gets stuck and now the inflammatory systems starts to do its thing,” said Joshi, referring to a diagram of someone’s sinuses.

Silvana Conrado knows exactly what that feels like.

She must take allergy medicine every day and uses a nasal spray about three times a week. Otherwise she’d be miserable.

“I can’t breathe I get a super sick feeling, my throat starts to itch and eventually it’s gets sore,” said Conrado.

The yellowish dust you see on car comes from the pine pollen, but Joshi said oak pollen is even worse because you can’t see it and it causes people to let their guard down.

“Right around the time the pine starts to go down the oak tree really peaks in terms of its pollen,” said  Joshi.

Many allergy sufferers, like Conrado, wish there was more they could do.

Joshi said there is, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

“When you come in you should put on a new pair of clothes, wash your clothes, and take a shower. Nighttime showers in this case are a much better choice than da time showers,” said Joshi.

Showering before bed will help you get rid of the pollen in your hair and skin and prevent it from getting onto your bed sheets.

“Keep the windows closed inside of your house this time of the year and inside of your car,” said Joshi.

He adds that if your medications aren’t working, go see a doctor.

Unfortunately, there are about another two months left of this. Oak tree pollen season will last until late April or early May.


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