• Plan would give millions of Job Growth money to Florida charter schools

    By: Jamarlo Phillips , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Florida charter schools that teach job skills could get more state money if a new bill gets final approval.

    It’s part of an effort to expand workforce training.

    Amanda Krick has a daughter who attends Duval Charter Schools Academy on the Southside.

    “Right now, she wants to be a doctor and is very into science,” said Krick. 


    Krick said all of her children go to charter schools.

    “Between public schools and charter schools I thought charter schools was the best option,” she said. 

    Sen. Travis Hutson proposed the idea of giving Florida Job Growth money to charter schools that offer career and technical education.

    The fund had $40 million in it last year, but Hutson expects the governor to put more money in. 

    “I think it’s going to be significantly higher for infrastructure type stuff and obviously he has not seen this bill prior to doing his budget,” said Hutson. 

    Hutson told Action News Jax the bill is good for booming areas like St. Johns County.

    “You’ll be industry certified and then you can go get a job at 18-years-old and instead of getting into debt going to college you’ll start making money day one,” Hutson explained. 

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    Hutson said other public schools that offer career and technical programs are eligible for the money.

    Krick thinks the move is a good idea.

    “It would be beneficial because it would go more towards targeting the academics and making our children smart -- they are our future -- which is always a better thing,” Krick said. 

    But not everyone supports the move, some lawmakers say charter schools are already getting their fair share of public funding and this is just another boon for privately run schools.

    The bill passed the Senate. It’s now in committee meetings in the House.

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