• Police: Drug suspect hid money in rectum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police said a narcotics suspect whose pursuit caused a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer to be hit by a car Wednesday hid money in his rectum.

    Tyrone Tarvis Booker, 30, had $300-$400 in his wallet when he was taken into the back of a police car, including $20 of JSO funds, according to the arrest report. Booker was taken into custody as part of a narcotics operation.
    When officers returned to count Booker's money, he claimed that "a masked officer opened the door and took the money out of his wallet," the report detailed.

    The officers searched other officer vehicles at the scene and they weren't able to find it.

    A strip search of Booker at the Duval County Jail turned up a negative result for the money. Officers then reviewed car camera video and saw that Booker was "putting his hands in the back of his pants and pushing something into his rectum area," according to the report.

    On the video, Booker could also be seen spitting "into his hands in an effort to lubricate his fingers," according to the report.

    Booker gave up the money when he learned that officers wanted to transport him to the emergency room. Booker told the officers the money was about $400, but the money could not be counted and the JSO funds could not be recovered, the report said, "due to the currency being covered in biohazard." 

    Booker is facing charges of resisting officer without violence to his or her person, introducing or smuggling contraband into detention facility, tampering with evidence and selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of a convenience business.

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