JSO: Victim raped at gunpoint near Jacksonville bus station, church

JSO: Victim raped at gunpoint near Jacksonville bus station, church

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is looking for the man who raped a victim at gunpoint near a local church.

Action News Jax reporter Lorena Inclan spoke with neighbors in the area and asked them if they feel safe. "No, I do not. It's very dangerous around here," one neighbor said. -- Watch Inclan's full report on CBS47 at 5.

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JSO said this unfolded in the heart of downtown Jacksonville the morning of July 23.



Officers said the victim was dropped off by a cab around 1:30 a.m. near the Rosa Parks Bus Station at 201 W Union St. From there, the victim crossed the street and walked near the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

From the hospital, that victim told police a man on a mountain bike came up from behind and raped him or her at gunpoint.

"That is really scary that it went that far right there," said Rose Bauer, who rides the bus almost every day.

"You get harassed constantly," she added. "I get harassed literally nonstop."

Security staff at the federal courthouse confirmed an alert went out to employees there, warning of the danger.

It states, in part, "It is believed [the suspect] is homeless and still hanging around downtown. Please take extra precaution when walking to and from the courthouse."



The police report and that alert states the suspect has tattoos on both arms.

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville also sent Action News Jax a statement, calling this a ‘horrendous [act] of violence.'

They added, "We are eager to see justice brought to this criminal."

Bauer said she won't feel safe until that happens.

"It's pretty dangerous out here at night, especially for women," Bauer said.

This happened more than a week ago, and JSO never alerted the public about this dangerous suspect.

UPDATE: JSO has responded to Action News Jax about this incident:

"The incident you refer to continues to be an active investigation. Investigators have been working to locate the victim to verify the information given at the time of the report as well as gather further information into the reported incident. The information initially given by the victim leads investigators to believe the alleged suspect is known to the victim and their interaction, may be in part, as a result of previous encounters. At this time, this is an isolated incident and investigators continue in their attempts to gather further information in relation to the report. When further information becomes available on a possible suspect, it will be disseminated to the public."
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