• Police win foot races, arrest 3 car burglary suspects in Riverside

    By: Action News Jax


    Police arrested three men who they say were targeting vehicles in the Riverside area. 

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office released the information during its "9PM Routine" campaign, saying the men were arrested early Saturday morning. 

    Police said multiple vehicle burglaries started being reported in the Riverside area.

    A complainant gave police a description of the men and officers started looking in the area, JSO said in the release.

    JSO said officers spotted the three suspects in the 1800 block of Bayard Place, which is off St. Johns Avenue. Officers said they saw the trio break into a vehicle.

    JSO said officers confronted the suspects who all fled from police.

    Police said one of them, De'onte Faire, was taken into custody after a foot pursuit. 

    Dewayne Randall, another suspect, was seen running toward Riverside Avenue, but was also taken into custody. He was absentee booked into jail and admitted to the hospital, police said.

    Police also arrested Lloyd Harris, who kept running from police through residential yards and was arrested near the St. Johns River on Vernon Terrace.

    The Sheriff's Office said Randall was found to have a 9 mm handgun in his backpack along with a large amount of loose change.

    Police said the handgun had been stolen from a truck on St. Johns Avenue.

    The men were charged with multiple counts of auto burglary and resisting police, the Sheriff's Office said in the release. Randall received additional charges for allegedly carrying a concealed firearm. 

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