Political ad takes aim at former VP Joe Biden

Political ad takes aim at former VP Joe Biden

A political ad taking aim at former Vice President Joe Biden features an American hero. We put the ad through the Action News Jax Truth Test.

The ad starts with the voice of wounded veteran.

“Army Rangers are taught to make tough decisions under pressure. That’s why I picked up an enemy grenade and threw it away from my men and was awarded the Medal of Honor.”

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The ad is from a political action committee, and features Master Sergeant Leroy Petry slamming Vice President Joe Biden. The ad continues.

“Americans deserves strong decisive leadership. For 40 years, Joe Biden has failed to meet that standard.”

Petry then lays out his case.

“He opposed taking out Osama bin Laden.”

That statement is accurate.

In 2012, Biden told reporters he advised then-President Obama that he should wait for further confirmation that bin Laden was inside the compound in Pakistan before moving forward with the raid. Biden says he told the president to follow his instincts.

“Mr. President, my suggestion is don’t go. We have to do two more things to see if he’s there. He walked out and said I’ll give you my decision.”

The ad goes on.

“… and he’s too silent as our nation’s cities and flags burn.”

That’s Master Sergeant Petry’s opinion. As for the quote, that comes from a Washington Post article published June 1 by two reporters who break down the facts behind that statement. Since then, Joe Biden has publicly condemned violence at demonstrations and supported police officers.

“Violence of any kind, no matter who it is coming from is wrong. And people should be held accountable. Burning down automobile lots, smashing windows, setting buildings on fire …”

“Joe Biden is too weak to be our American commander-in-chief.”

That’s more opinion, but an opinion delivered by a Medal of Honor recipient.

Based on our fact check, the Action News Jax Truth Test shows this ad is mostly true.