• Poll: Medical Marijuana vote could be closer than expected

    By: Jessie McDonough


    The polls are out on medical marijuana, and the vote in November could be a lot closer than originally expected.

    Some form of medical marijuana is allowed in 23 states and the District of Columbia, and 18 states have passed decriminalization laws, making the drug legal to possess in small amounts.

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    A new poll, Florida Decides Statewide Poll, shows medical marijuana should still pass on the ballot with 64 percent of people saying they would vote yes. That's over 20 percentage points less than the last poll that was supposed to be a slam dunk 88 percent approval.

    If passed in Florida, the state criminal penalties would be removed for patients who have a debilitating medical condition. The vote is still two months away, and Florida residents are already trying to cash in on the substance.

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    There is a medical marijuana seminar Saturday at the Times Union Center in Jacksonville. The Florida medical marijuana treatment center institute will be charging $295 to teach the tricks of the trade including products, regulations, and where the industry is headed. 

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