Portion of New Kings Road in Jacksonville to get more lights, sidewalks for pedestrians

Improvements planned for New Kings Road

With half a dozen pedestrian deaths on New Kings Road in less than a year, a new project is aiming to make the road safer.

The project includes sidewalks, lights in the area and road resurfacing.

"We’ve been needing to get it done long time ago," neighbor Toni Khazal said.

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Problems with sidewalks and lighting on New Kings Road is the reason Khazel said he can’t wait for the Florida Department of Transportation to begin its estimated $10 million projects.

"So many people got killed on it. That's why I think it's a problem," neighbor Allen Redick said.

Within the past eight months, Action News Jax has reported on at least six pedestrian deaths on New Kings Road.

The most recent incident happened Sunday night when, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, a woman was struck by car while crossing the highway.

Councilman Reginald Brown said he has been pushing for a change in the area.

"It's a long time overdue. I am saddened that we had to lose so many lives," Brown said.

In about a year, the project will begin and sidewalks will be put in on either side of the road so pedestrians will have a place to walk.

According to FDOT, the project also includes new lights in the area and road resurfacing.

"It's too many problems, people trying to cross that road especially at night, it's too dark," Khazel said.

FDOT will be focusing on the area of New Kings Road between Wagner Road and Edgewood Avenue.

"It's going to be what should have been there a long time ago," Brown said.

An FDOT spokesperson said a contractor will be chosen in April and then the project will begin approximately 60 days after that.