Post-implosion repairs could take up to a year, according to Blackstone Building GM

Jacksonville businesses impacted more than a month after annex implosion

It could be up to a year before windows of the Blackstone Building, shattered by the implosion of the old city hall annex, are repaired, according to the building’s general manager.

Thousands watched the old city hall come down in a matter of seconds.

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Weeks later, Gilbert Rexhepi said he’s one of the only people still thinking about the implosion.

Outside his restaurant, D&G Grill, sidewalks are taped off and signs are posted warning about falling glass.

He told Action News Jax, “We get all kinds of comments from people.”

The restaurant is at the bottom of the Blackstone Building, where the blast shattered nearly a dozen windows.

“They have a lot of windows broken, so, they have to match the glass and I don’t know how long it’s going to take,” Rexhepi said.

He said he has already lost thousands of dollars in revenue.

“You see it right now. The place, you know, it has very few people, it should be packed up,” he commented on a Tuesday lunch crowd.

In January a spokesperson with the City of Jacksonville told Action News Jax any damage would be addressed and repaired promptly by contractor, Environmental Holdings Group, LLC.

Action News Jax reporter Beth Rousseau reached out to the company but has not heard back.

On Tuesday the building’s general manager said they’re having a difficult time matching the tint and clarity of the windows.

He said repairs could take up to a year.