Pregnant women being targeted by questionable marketing scheme

Pregnancy card warning

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Personal, handwritten greeting cards offering congratulations about a new baby are showing up in women's mailboxes. It's a marketing ploy  targeting women across the country, many who are not even pregnant.

"I think that's terrible." Meagan Castiglione said. "I mean, I don't know what do they get out of it." Castiglione is not pregnant, but said if she ever received something like that she would be disturbed.

"It's an online company,"  Tom Stephens, with the Better Business Bureau, said. "They have somewhere close to 15 different online identities."

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The BBB said the company, Mother's Living, is on its radar.

The card says something along the lines of "hope you enjoy this, congratulations – Jenny B."

Inside, there is a gift card and no return address.

When someone uses the promotional gift card on Mother's Living, it shows that you're receiving a free product, but then the shipping costs skyrocket.

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"When they enter the gift card into the online shopping cart for shipping and handling, the charges got real high. It's basically enough to offset the cost of the product," Stephens said.

There's not much you can do to avoid getting one of these in the mail, but the BBB says if you do, throw it out.

"If you put in the company's name on our website they're going to have an ‘F' rating and that should be enough to scare off anybody," Stephens said.