Proposed Florida amendment seeks to restore felons' voting rights

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A new amendment on the November ballot seeks to restore voting rights of felons not convicted of murder or sex offenses.

The amendment is sponsored by Floridians for a Fair Democracy, Inc.

It would grant more than 1.5 million felons not convicted of murder or sex offenses the automatic right to vote as soon as they complete their sentencing requirements.

The current system does not allow felons to vote unless they complete their sentencing requirements and wait five to seven years after completion depending on the crime -- and then they must apply to a state board for approval.

Voters we spoke with seemed to be in agreement when asked how they will vote on it.

“I think that it’s important that they get their rights back, because they’ve already done their time,” Angela Johnson said.

“They’ve gone through the court system, they’ve done their time, then yeah I think they should,” Joshua Willis said.

“They again are citizens of the United States and they have the right to vote. Their voice should be heard," M.C. Freeman said.

Sixty percent of voters must vote in favor to pass the amendment in November.