• Push for solutions to improve communities & prevent violence against children in Jacksonville

    By: Tenikka Hughes, Action News Jax


    There's an effort underway to turn outrage into action to keep children in Jacksonville safe.

    In an Action News Jax investigation, a local study revealed that for 20 years straight, the children shot in Jacksonville have come from the same neighborhoods.  

    Seven year-old Tashawn Gallon was shot and killed in the front yard of a Durkeville home. He's one of several children shot in Jacksonville in February.The violence has sparked outrage and concern across the city.

    Ben Frazier with Northside Coaltion said, “We need to stop having news conferences to discuss our disdain and disgust, we need to do something about it.”

    In a recent study, UF trauma surgeon Dr. Marie Crandall found between 1996 to 2016, the nearly 900 child shooting victims that ended up in their emergency room, were consistently from the same poorer neighborhoods.

    “I think that it’s something that could help us work with low income neighborhood associations, non-profits and City of Jacksonville to help devise solutions for our vulnerable communities,” Crandall said.

    In response to the recent violence, community leader Roshanda Jackson held a meeting of the minds at Westside Church of Christ, inviting other local leaders to discuss ways to help Jacksonville's most vulnerable communities.

    “I’ve seen firsthand what non-profits, faith-based churches, small businesses can do when they focus on one particular area. I’ve seen what the dollars can do, what the passion behind the action can do - so that’s what I’m calling for right now," Jackson said. 

    Dr. Crandall plans to present her UF Health study to JSO, city leaders and community groups to figure out how they all work together to find meaningful solutions.

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